Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bavarian Alps PART 2

Day 2 of our stay in the beautiful Alps was even more exciting. We got to walk in History, so to speak.
On the beginning of our day, we started off very early in the day with a buffet breakfast at one of the restaurants in the Hotel. They had chefs with the full chef attire and cooking everything made to order. Everything was so good.

First stop was the Neuschwanstein Castle where King Ludwig II ruled during 1869-1886.
 Neuschwanstein is a beautiful castle set in one of the most scenic locations on Earth. If it looks a bit familiar, that may be because Walt Disney used it as inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle at the Disney theme parks. It really does evoke images of fairy tales, in more ways than one. But the story of its origin is one of tragedy, despair, and outright weirdness. To read more about King Ludwig II, click King Ludwig II.
Panoramic of Nueschwanstein.


Singers Hall

Throne Hall

The cave

Right next to Neuschwanstein is the Hohenschwangau Castle which is where King Ludwig II grew up.
Hohenschwangau Castle
Remember my new Fujifilm camera that I got a few months ago? .. I dropped it at the Neuschwanstein castle. It fell hard and cracked the encasement. It still worked fine but since its no longer water proof, I sent it in to the Fujifilm repair center. Until I get it back, I will have no choice but use my old Cannon camera again.. so I'm sorry if the photos for the next two or so months arn't so great anymore. Hope they send me a new one soon.

Next we traveled to Dachau Concentration Camp which was the first concentration camp opened in Germany in March 1933, just 51 days after Hitler took power. Wikipedia has a nice segment on it if your interested in learning more.. Click Dachau.
Main entrance

Gate that says "work will set you free"


Panoramic shot. Workshop building on the right (which is now the museum) and barracks start on the left

surrounded by barbwire

inside the barracks (living area)

The crematorium

Where the prisoners were told they could get clean then was killed by toxic gas

Ovens where the bodies were burned

Statue you see when you first enter the camp. Its of a bunch of bodies tangled. Not sure what it represents.

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