Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

All the wonderful deals going on today and all I have to go to is the PX (Post Exchange). Bummer. Next year, Black Friday, next year.. you are all mine. But we did go to Black Friday and we got some alright decent deals on a few things.

After a morning of shopping, we went out to lunch at Tokyo at the Stadtgallerie Schweinfurt (the local German mall). They have all their decorations put up. So festive, I love it.
Tokyo Asian and Sushi bar
nudity is everywhere in Germany.. you see it on billboards, magazines, and even here on bubblebath..

View from the Mall parking areas

Germany loves their animals. You will always see a dog under a table or in a store no matter where you are.. even at the fanciest of restaurants. I wish America would adopt this.
Then came my favorite part of the day, the big Black Friday Coach sale. Coach is my favorite designer. They had 25% off all Coach bags for two hours. I knew I wasn't going to buy anything but I wanted to see what bags they were putting out and just admire, I guess. Sounds lame but I love love love Coach.
The crowd was huge, I couldn't get them all in to the photo
I was looking forward to the Coach sale but my wonderful husband beat the sale and bought me my first Coach bag a few weeks ago. It is pretty special to me. It wasn't for any apparent Holiday or reason, only just because he loved me and appreciates everything I do.. How sweet is that, right?
My new handbag from the Carly collection with matching wallet

Purple/Burgundy lining- My favorite color

So in love.

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