Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steve's 22nd Birthday

Stephen will be 22 years old tomorrow but since he has to work, we decided to celebrate it this weekend.. pretty much like we did last weekend for my birthday! He didn't want to do anything but relax and stay home so that's what we did! I think he is still recovering from last weekends trip to Munich for my Birthday, Haha!  But I did make him a cake... What do you think??

For his birthday I got him some Oakley sunglasses (his favorite designer) and I also made him a slide show of a few photos from the deployment he went through last year! Its not as long as I wanted it to be.. I wish I had more photos to put in it but he enjoyed it. There is a few misspelled words, that's what happens when I try to rush. Watch it on our Youtube channel here- Deployment slide

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