Monday, May 9, 2011

Garrison Spring Cleaning

Garrison means the whole Army post! Schweinfurt Army Garrison (where we are stationed) has a Spring Cleaning day. The building leader of all the housing areas get to assign everyone something to clean such as stairwell, laundry room. pulling weeds, ect! Since Steve is the building leader for our building, he was out there with all the husbands cleaning and mowing, and all of us wives were planting flowers for our balconies, putting together the racks that they hang off of, and just hanging out watching the guys! It was a lot of fun! I'm so excited to finally have flowers and now Tubbles can go play in and smell them! We finally got the balcony cleaned and got some patio furniture.. Its so nice to just sit out there at night and enjoy the warm summer weather.
Cris Ponder sweeping

Steve with the weed wacker

Planting flowers for the balcony

Tubbles helping pat down the soil

Liz Adams (our neighbor)

Steve scrubbing the balcony and Tubbles hating the view.
Our balcony is finished!

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