Saturday, May 14, 2011

21st Birthday PART 2

Munich was AMAZING!!! I had a total of 475 photos after the trip but I was able to choose my favorites to narrow it down. Celebrating my 21st birthday in Munich Germany was so fun and memorable.

We left home at around 06:15 Saturday morning and took a taxi to the train station. We took a train to Nurnberg where we switched trains to go to Munich! Well, the train that we switched to was packed! There was not one open seat so we, and a lot of other people, had to stand/sit in the little box right next to the train bathroom. This is pretty common in Germany supposably! They don't sell tickets for just the amount of seats on a train. They expect people to stand in the rows and where ever there is space! People were even sitting under baggage racks and in the middle isles between seats. Steve and I were literally cramped against the wall and other people.. not even enough room to sit down! We stood there for 2 and a half hours! By the time we got off our feet and legs were already sore.

We finally got to Munich and ate some lunch, walked around downtown for a few hours then decided to take a two and a half hour sight seeing bus tour! On that we saw it all!! It was so much fun! You can see the slide show of all the photos at the bottom! We went past the Palace, museums, the Englischer Garden, old churches, statues of kings, gods and so much more! Our tour guide talked about everything we went by but I can't remember it all or else I would put captions to the photos on the slide.

On the train ride back, we did get seats which was so nice since our bodies were DONE!! We were both just exhausted! Munich is claimed to be the most expensive city in Germany and they weren't kidding. We burned through a little under 200 euro which is about 300 American dollars in one day. WOW!!! But we are going back in October for Oktoberfest! Really looking forward to that!

A few facts about Munich Germany that interested me!
Munich- means 'Monks'.
Capital of Bavaria.
Its where Oktoberfest is every year which is the largest festivity in the world!
Has the best beer (Bier) in the world.
Its the Soccer capital.
Munich is the second most-popular German city travel destination after Berlin.
Its has a population of 1,300,000.
Munich is home of the BMW and is home to the BMW Museum.
Most expensive city in Germany. -now you know why we only stayed a day!
The Englischer Garden, close to the city center is larger than Central Park in New York.
Munich has 10 Universities as well as 45 Museums and Collections.
During WWII over eighty percent of the city was bombed!
Munich is home to the Bavarian Film Studios which are the biggest and most famous film production studios in Europe.
Weird fact: The local name for Munich is "Minga" although the proper high German name is München.
Munich's most famous soccer team, FC Bayern München, is also the most successful club in German soccer. (we got to see a lot of these players on the train! They had a game in Munich and took the same train as us!.. maybe that's why it was so packed).

Train station in Schweinfurt


a Demonstration (protest rally)

On the tour bus

Train station in Munich

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