Sunday, May 15, 2011

21st Birthday PART 3

Well this is Part three and also day 3 of my birthday weekend! Steve baked me a cake. How sweet, right? White with white frosting! My favorite!

He also got me my birthstone (Emerald) with four diamonds on each! I LOVE IT!!!  Isn't it beautiful?!
How many Americans can say they celebrated their 21st birthday in Munich Germany?? So blessed and fortunate to be able to have all the experiences I have while being here in Germany.

Hubby is on CQ so I went to go take him lunch as I was coming back on to Askren Manor, the gate guards were inspecting my Military ID hard and then all of a sudden they were gathered next to my window singing Happy Birthday!!! I had no makeup on and my hair was a mess!!! It was so sweet of them but I am a wreak today! But its my birthday! I should be able to lounge with no makeup on.. right? It was so great, though.

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