Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trip to Edeka

Edeka is the first and only German grocery store that actually resembles a clean American grocery store. Most have nasty flies and bees swarming the fruit isles and very dirty floors and shelves, Edeka is very clean and we come to love this place and where we get our coffee and other German food items. It resembles a Rosauers. Thought I would take a few photos.

German coffee isle

Germany is known for their Wursts..


Kitty Isle

German cat treats. Tubbles got sick from the Jelly crap and wouldn't touch the cat sticks.

When you go to any store in Germany, you either bring your own bag or buy one. We never got used to this concept since we always shop on post (where they give free grocery bags like in America) so we always end up buying a 15 euro cent bag and we have to pack them in the bags ourselves. Germany doesn't do grocery packers.

At least Tubbles finds the bags worth it

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