Thursday, March 15, 2012

Second thoughts

I think it is safe to say I had my first break down. I realized that I am moving to the opposite side of America from where my Mom is. I tried and tried to talk Steve in to moving there instead.. but I was too late. HHG has already been shipped to Delaware, our plane tickets are already arranged, and his orders are already done. He can't get them amended so we are going to Delaware. I even went in to looking up how much it would be to U haul our HHG across country and we just don't have the money. Its not that we don't want to spend that much money, we really didn't save up enough to be able to do that.
  I talked with Steve and he made me feel a lot better about everything. We looked up plane tickets to Spokane from Delaware and they were really decent. So I will be taking a weekend trip there soon after we get settled in to our new home. I am wanting to do it before I start interning but planning and doing is two different things so we will have to see how everything turns out.

  Things have been so crazy. I am pretty sure I have attended so many army briefings, that I will not remember it all. Its for VA benefits for Steve, HHG and car shipment info, pre-separation brief, the smooth move class, ect. Their is just so much to do before we move, which by the way is in 7 days until we move out of our home and in to the Bradley Inn, and 10 days until we fly back to America. So this time next week, we will be living in a hotel and doing the final inspection of our Army housing.
  Today is the last day we have with the car so you know today will be hectic. We have Tubble's last vet appointment to get her health certificate so she can fly, we are trying to get a PO box opened so we can ship some boxes and have them waiting for us, Steve is clearing (getting signatures so the Army knows he doesn't own anything to anyone), trying to get rid of all the 220 stuff we have, Steve turning in all his gear to CIF, and also we are taking back our loan kitchen ware. We don't want to have to carry it on to the post bus and go to ACS to turn it in, so since we have the car for one more day before we ship it, we are going to turn it in and just use plastic plates and cups.
  We also have our microwave since it is 220V as well. We have been eating horribly unhealthy. It's all take out or microwaved but I guess that is better then what I was doing. I am pretty sure I was in innocent denial about moving and was buying my "bi-weekly load" of groceries from the commissary when we were two weeks from moving. We don't even have our toaster here anymore and I bought toaster strudels. Kicked myself once I got home. We dropped off all the food that we know we won't eat at the Bennehoffs.  We had a lot.
The situation made me feel like Roxy on Army Wives (season 6 episode 1) where she was days from PCSing and was still buying her weekly load of groceries and had nothing packed, she was in denial of her move. I so feel like her right now. Although she is a fictional character on my favorite TV show, that scenario is so right!
All the food we gave away. 

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