Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving Day!

It was about 4:30am when we left Schweinfurt Army Garrison for the last time. The sun wasn't even thinking about coming up yet. We walked our luggage off post to the taxi pick up area. They took us to the bus station where we left for Wurzberg and then switched trains to the Frankfurt Airport. We let Tubbles roam a bit once we got to the Airport so she could stretch her legs before the flight. It was a nine hour flight from Frankfurt to Chicago. Had a layover, then three hour flight to Philadelphia. The total trip was 23 hours. I slept for one hour during the whole trip. Steve slept for pretty much the whole flight on each flight and on the trains. We got to Philly at about 9pm Eastern time.
At the Schweinfurt train station

Our train to Wurzburg

Then we took the ICE train to Frankfurt Airport.. they are the really fast trains.

Just off the train. Frankfurt Airport.

Inside the Frankfurt Airport. How pretty.. and HUGE!

Tubbles after a two hour train ride and facing a nine hour flight. Poor girl.

Letting her roam a bit

Daddy comforting baby

Holding Tubbles, about to go through customs.

Flights and times

A plane leaving

views from the plane

A cool statue in the Chicago Airport.
 When my cousin Nicole picked us up and drove us to her house in Delaware, Steve and I were having such a culture shock. The high way signs were green instead of blue and actually had English on them. Even at the airport in Chicago, we were trying to find a restroom and we just stopped and said to each other, "what does a bathroom sign look like".. then we started laughing. How crazy! We couldn't remember.
  We have never been to the East Coast before, being back in America and on the other side of the United States from where we grew up at.. well, its just a whole new world. So many new experiences to be made. We are so excited. We are currently looking for an apartment. which is insane since we are not sure what is normal pricing when it comes to apartments and we have no idea where anything is. We are still getting used to the area.
  Well I guess that's it for now. We made it safe and Tubbles is adjusting fine. Thanks to everyone that was checking up on us and Tubbles safety during our move.


  1. Awe! What a long travels you three had to endure. For some reason when I was looking up Toms River NJ real estate I came across your blog. I am so glad I did. I loved the story, and your cats are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing, hopefully you are adapting to the east coast.

  2. Thanks so much! Glad you stopped by. So far the East Coast is great. We haven't traveled to much yet but planning to once Summer comes along.

  3. What a protracted travels you 3 had to endure. for a few reason once I was wanting up Toms watercourse NJ land I came upon your journal. I'm therefore glad I did. I worshiped the story, and your cats ARE lovely. Thanks such a lot for sharing, hopefully you're adapting to the geographical region.