Friday, March 16, 2012

Health Certificate Dilemma

Today has been emotionally draining. I paid to open a PO box in Delaware so we could ship some stuff to be waiting for us.. then, AFTER I paid to open it online, they want me to come in (in Delaware) and show two forms of ID. What is the point of allowing you to do it online of you have to come in? We tried to show the post master here to verify us but they wouldn't allow him to.
  Then, we went to a German Veterinarian to get Tubbles' Health Certificate to fly back to America and found out that her medical records are contradicting itself. Her record says she has two 1 year rabies shots and also has a sticker that says she has had her three year booster. So we gave her a three year booster today but if this really is her first booster, then she can't enter America for 30 days.. and we leave in 10 days! Going to the Vet on post tomorrow and figuring out what to do because they saw the three year booster sticker and said she will be fine to enter America, and the German vet said that is not fine. She could be quarantined for weeks if we take her out of Germany within 30 days. I am so scared.
THEN- she started having some sort of reaction to the booster/distemper/respiratory shots she got and vomiting foam and had bloody stools. So we took her back and they gave her another shot. She is feeling better now. Total visit cost us 91, Euros. I honestly don't know if she has had her three year booster, and her records contradict itself.. someone messed up on them in the past. I sure hope she has had her booster so she isn't quarantined.

The happy ending to a bad situation:  Yesterday, the German Vet couldn't find in her records that she had her booster, well I took it home and within five minutes, I had proof that she in fact did have her booster and we spent 91 Euros for a un-needed rabies booster. Oh well. I took it back to the German vet and we got is all taken care of. I know my way around a Veterinary medical record. Being a Veterinary Technology student has its benefits. Tubbles is ready to FLY!
The German Veterinary office

Oh, and as for PO Box dilemma, my cousin Nicole is letting us send our boxes there and as soon as we get there, then we are doing a change of address to the PO Box that we can finally open.  

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