Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to the basics

Today is MOVING DAY! well, sorta. We don't leave Germany for another two weeks but the movers came and packed up our home. We are living out of our suitcases, once again. I am just happy we are doing this together. PCSing overseas while he was deployed was a nightmare. They packed up our home in six hours. That is skill.
  The whole day was pretty overwhelming. At one point I had lost my camera in the craziness. You know me, some girls need their phone next to them at all times, that's how I am with my camera.  I frantically was opening boxes and finding nothing.. but then found it in the bathroom. Whew.
  I am also officially out of school for the rest of the move. Woo! Feels like a vacation.. A very stressful, hectic, always busy vacation.
Tubbles getting packed in to my suitcase

reminiscing with the Army loan furniture

Movers are HERE!

Tubbles in a "mood". A lot of animals would get depressed and act out when change occurs in their family and home. Not Tubbles. She is so resilient. She knows she would never be left behind and she actually acts happy and excited. We have moved so much and she never has a hard time with it. So blessed to have such a beautiful happy baby.

Bedroom is boxed up

ordered pizza for lunch for the movers

our living room boxed up

The "office" boxed up

Steve tuckered out.. day full of watching your home get boxed up can be straining, haha.

See you in America
Crappy Army bed. This wolf blanket was the first blanket Steve had when he came to Germany. He is making this all dramatic by having this be his last blanket in Germany. We are just going to give it away when we leave.
Steve's set up. Cheap TV and his old Xbox but it still runs. He just had to have Mass Effect 3 so we got this set up for him for our last two weeks here. God forbid he go a day without his Xbox.

Proud wife of a 1-91 CAV Airborne Infantryman
 Germans are so funny. When it came time to pack up the Elliptical, one of them got on it and started working out. Then, when they were packing up our book shelf, one spotted my Veterinary dictionary and spent 10 minutes reading it. He then went on to say (in very bad English), that he had a goats, pigs, and chickens. Awh.

Now we are back to the basics. We have our Army loan furniture and loan kitchen ware. You know me, I do not like germs and getting sick so I bleached and cleaned all the new kitchen stuff. You never know what the last family used them for. We also sold our 50'' flat screen. We had our 50'' in the living room and 40'' in the bedroom. We never watched TV in the bedroom and since we are making sacrifices and to know we have enough money when we ETS, we sold the 50''. It was sad to see it go, but it went to a deserving couple who just completed their first Deployment. I was also their cat sitter while he was deployed and when she had to leave town for a few days.  I will miss you, Amy! She was one of my first friends here in Germany.
  Its going to be sad leaving all the friends I have made. They will always be my friends for life. One of the hard things about Military life. Steve will also miss his comrades. He has made brothers for life. Its all really sad. We have to start all over on having any sort of support system and friends when we move.

ETS Update: We finally found a kennel for Tubbles. We bought it from another family here. It a fabric one. I don't even know why airlines would allow animals to fly in those. It looks so flimsy. It was the only one we found that that meets the dimensions of the airline's requirements for her to fly in the cabin with us.

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