Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wurzberg PART 1

Today we drove to Wurzberg Germany which is about 20-30 minutes away from where we are stationed! We parked the car and started our 8 hour hike around to all the historic places! We sure got our workout! Steve and I both could barley get out of the car once we got in it at the end of the day! We also got to eat at local German bakery.. I kept hearing a lot of good things about German Bakeries and finally got to eat at one. Very fun.. and yummy.
The start of our hike!

Saints Bridge

Hike from Saints Bridge to Marienberg Fortress

Farmers Market we stopped at

German Bakery

Downtown Wurzberg

Entrance to the Castle

Marienberg Fortress

Statue on top is of St. Micheal

Stone Alter of St. Marys church

Tombs of Prince-Bishops and Stucco of the 17th Century


View of Wurzberg from the castle

Marienberg Fortress
The Pilgrimage Chapel known locally as the Kappele

The well-house

A model of the castle

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