Friday, March 25, 2011

Change of Command

Today I attended the change of command ceremony for Steve's troop! Cpt Kroells (his now old commander) and the new commander is now Cpt Barnaby! The ceremony itself was really awesome to witness! They gave the wife of the incoming commander beautiful yellow roses, we all sang The Army Song, got to see The Passing of the Colors, and while all this was going on, the troop itself (Havoc Troop) was in formation and since Steve is the Guidon barrier, he was up front! I'm really glad I went!

 Cpt Kroells was born in Germany and became an American citizen. The troop has always made fun of him and gives him a lot of crap but he doesn't mind! At the ceremony, one of the guys brought a Hitler hat of some sort and Cpt Kroells actual wore it around HAHA!!I really like him!  He always involved the wives in everything! Hope the new commander is just as great!

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