Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't trust Technology

Today has been a horrible day!! My laptop decided to quit working and wouldn't even let me get on the internet! Steve came home from PT asking about it, He tried to get on the internet last night and it wasn't working for him, he said he tried to fix it but I think he only made it worse!! He is using my laptop because his is broke also..maybe he shouldn't of been messing around on mine after all. I was really stressing about it because without any sort of computer/internet, I can't take my exams for school. Steve even came home on lunch and spent the whole time messing around with it trying to fix it but no luck! Then I got the idea to restore it to factory settings, I did that and now it is more then perfect! I'm so relieved!
   I was able to get all my photos and all on to a portable hard drive so I didn't lose anything. I had my whole life on this computer and it just proved to me that I shouldn't trust technology with my life!! NO WAY!! Computers can turn on you in an instant and today I vowed to myself that I will never rely on technology so much again!!!

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