Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nanstein Castle

Today we drove to Ramstein Air Force Base which is home to the worlds largest AAFES Exchange! AAFES Exchange is the main store that Military posts have.. its on all Military installations, well most. Ours, in Schweinfurt, is much smaller then Ramstein's. Its about a 2 hour or so drive from Schweinfurt. We had lunch at Manchu Wok at the food court and had dinner at Chili's. It was so nice to have a little piece of America! We don't have a Chili's here where we live, we only have a Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Pop eyes and a few other fast food places! It was well needed! While we were visiting Ramstein AFB, we also wanted to check out Nanstein Castle which is a few minutes away from Ramstein! It was so fun to explore! Its a real trip to walk the same halls and all that kings used to roam! Very exciting!
Main entrance to Ramstein AFB

Largest PX/BX in the world
Nanstein Castle

Dinner at Chili's

I have a FRG (Family Readiness Group) Meeting tonight and at the meeting we are also having a farewell party for the Troop Commander! He is going to go work at the Pentagon... or White House.. one of those high jobs Haha! We are having a potluck tonight for that.. Thinking I'm going make my yummy Spinach Lasagna.

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