Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Airborne, Hooah!

Steve is at Grafenwoehr Army Post (about 2 hours away) jumping out of a perfectly good plane with his unit!!! His unit is an Airborne unit. When ever his unit does jumps, the wives always start worrying, me included!!!  If a soldier is hurt during a jump, he could get a medical discharge out of the Army and ruin their career. But I just got off the phone with Steve and his jump went great!! He said he had a lot of fun and now just waiting for the buses to come and they are on their way back here to Schweinfurt. He also said their were 3 accidents and they are being rushed to Laundstuhl Army Medical Center.. I feel so bad for them!! Praying for their quick recovery!

Check out the unit's new Tshirts and sweats. Cute, right? They all have the squadron's insignia.

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