Monday, January 13, 2014

Making plans for 2014

I had a few 2013 resolutions that did not happen the way I had planned them.. but that's just life and I got something even better. I wanted to lose weight and excel at working from home (as well as a few others which you can read at the link above) but then I was finally blessed with this pregnancy so no weight loss for me and I am now a full time Homemaker which is where I will stay. My dream is to be a stay at home Mom so yes, I got the better end of the deal. I made plans and God had something better in mind. I couldn't be happier.
2014 is going to be such a busy year. We will become Mommy and Daddy next month. Steve started school after a month long Winter break and this will be his last semester at Delaware Tech. Days to maybe a week or so after this semester is over, we take a u-haul from Delaware to Washington state. We are MOVING! We really hope to buy a bigger car (maybe an SUV or van) before the big move since it will be Daddy, Mommy, baby boy, Tubbles, Bunker and Gunyr all cramped into a car for a week long road trip across country. We really don't know the logistics yet on if we will drive the u-haul and tow the car or drive the car and ship our stuff over via boat like we did from Germany but this all happens in FOUR MONTHS! We have four months to plan this and get everything done because once he is done with this semester, we pack up and will be gone for good. Our lease ends the same month as his semester ends so its like it was meant to be. I can not wait. I really am done with this living in a new place every few years. My heart yearns for home. I can't wait to move back, buy a house, and know that if I paint the walls, I wont have to paint them white in a couple years because it will be ours. I dream of decorating and painting baby boy's room and having a Nursery for our next baby. I dream of making lasting relationships with other women and have the town we live in (wherever we end of settling) be our home. I can get more involved in the church and everything that entails. We will be staying with family in WA until we find a house. No more Holidays of just us. I hope to be in our new house by the Holidays next year and host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and invite everyone.

For this years resolution, I am not going to give myself a list of things to try to accomplish. I just have one goal. That is to keep learning and becoming the best mom and wife I can. I want to be that Homemaker that knows how to do everything and can get a stain out of anything. I am now learning to can foods (with my awesome new pressure canner) and getting my home and life more organized (I think my nesting instincts is helping with that as well). I have a vision of the wife I want to be so I am just going to focus on that and keep doing what I have been doing.

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