Saturday, October 5, 2013

Washington DC

Another trip on our 'to-do before we leave' list is done! The husband, the pup, and I drove over to DC and got to see the sights. It was probably the best and worst time to do it. Since the government is shut down, nothing was open. We couldn't tour the museums that we wanted or get a drink anywhere since all the park refreshments stands were closed. I got very dehydrated and my poor husband had to walk a bit down to a hot dog stand out of the way to get Gunyr and I some water. Even with no one working around there, parking was still scarce and we had to park in an all day parking complex and walk the whole tour. I am 20 weeks pregnant and walked about 10 miles or so in 80 degree weather. I was pretty much crawling, crying, and cursing by the time we got back to the car. Poor Gunyr was not too happy either. We were all ready to go home. But I am glad we got to go and next time, we are going to plan better and leave Gunyr at doggie daycare.
The US Capitol

Hubby and I in front of the US Capitol

These signs were everywhere

The Washington Monument behind us

The Washington Monument

WWII Memorial

At the WWII Memorial

Lincoln Memorial. There was a guard there to make sure no one came up it because of the shut down.

Lincoln himself.

By the Vietnam Veterans memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Gunyr enjoying his water and I am admiring my snow cone which I have been craving for weeks now but could not find one anywhere.

The White House

Hubby and I in front of the White House.

Awesome bridge

pretty ocean view

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