Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gender Reveal!

Are you ready?! Sorry in advance for the overload of photos. I had way to much fun revealing the gender to family and friends. We could not do any gender reveal party since we live so far away so I came up with something fun, memorable.. and suspenseful! I started a mass text to family and closest friends with one photo every half hour until we eventually revealed the gender. I got a lot of "hurry" and "tell us already". It was definitely suspenseful for a few who was dying to know such as our moms, sisters, and close friends. Our Moms got to know first and then family, and finally friends and social media. It was fun to chat with everyone and know what they thought the gender was. It was so much fun to prepare, decorate, and execute.
Its almost time! He or She.. Open to see!





Call it Mommy's intuition but didn't I say I just had a feeling it was a boy? Funny how that works.

When Steve's mom finally got the news that we are having a boy, she started bawling. I could barely hear her words though sobs. We talked on the phone for awhile and it was great to hear her reaction. It was so special.

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