Friday, September 20, 2013

First baby kicks

Yesterday, at a few days shy of 19 weeks along, we had our check up. In our Centering Pregnancy class right afterwards, one topic we were talking about is how to know if what your feeling is baby kicks or just grumbles or gas. I have not felt anything yet and was starting to get worried. It was a real relief to hear the heartbeat and know baby is perfectly fine. Our NP (Nurse Practitioner) also measured the uterus for the first time and it was 20. And yep, I also asked if there was any way to get an ultrasound any sooner and as luck would have it, I get to be a Ginny Pig and let some hospital residents practice on doing ultrasounds and taking good photos. Since they are students, they get to use the really good machines and since figuring out genders is something they need to learn, I bet we can find out what we are having then. That is going to happen in the beginning of October. We have one more month to wait until our checkups and class will be every two weeks. I really look forward to them so I am super happy.

Later last night, as I was cooking dinner, I felt pressure like a gas bubble (with lack of better words) in my lower abdomen that quickly went away.  Then I felt the same pressure move a little ways from one side of my abdomen to the other, for a total of an inch or two. Nothing dramatic but gas has never felt that way. I think it was baby moving/kicks. I also felt the same sort of quick pressures today. I think I will know for sure in the next couple weeks of what I am feeling is indeed baby. But I am pretty sure it was and it put a huge smile on my face. I just stopped cooking right there and just focused on that feeling. It was so surreal.

Some not so good news I got at our check up is my one hour glucose test I took a few days earlier came back abnormal. So this morning, my wonderful husband sat with me at the hospital for four and a half hours while I got my blood drawn every hour. I had to fast since yesterday, and drink a glucose drink when I got there. Being pregnant and hungry while getting blood drawn every hour was not fun. It was all to test for gestational diabetes. But as soon as I was free, we went out to lunch and I have never ate so fast in my life. I needed food.. and now! I am going to call on Monday and see what the results were. Just hoping for the best and that's all you can do.
I have had hypoglycemia since I was 19. I started shaking real bad, sweating, getting a real hunger for food, and almost passed out while driving during my very first "episode" and when I went to the doctor, that's what they said it was without doing any tests. But I have blood sugar crashes all the time and now that I am pregnant, it was time to check for diabetes. I have to say I wasn't surprised when my one hour test came back abnormal.

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