Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet Gunyr

Meet our sweet sweet little boy Gunyr, pronounced Gunner with awesome spelling. He is a Labrador and Bernese mix. We rescued/adopted him yesterday from the Delaware Humane Association. He was born on January 17 2013. His birth mom was in foster care and up for adoption. The litter of pups came in to the shelter for adoption themselves the day before we decided to come look at the dogs available. We were in love as soon as we took him for a walk at the shelter and applied for adoption that day.

Before we picked him up, we went to Pet-smart and got his halter and leash along with his food bowls, some healthy organic shampoo, training treats and a few other essentials. As soon as we were able to pick him up, which was the day after we applied,we drove to Petco and he got to pick out all his toys and treats. We initially named him Bloodsworth and Blood for short. Steve always wanted a dog named Blood so we did... until everyone that asked his name at Petco and outside on walks would give us a shocked look. We decided that its best to choose something else... So Gunyr he is!

Today we went for a morning stroll around the complex since it was so warm and beautiful. He loves his walks but his legs are so little, he can only go so fast but he sure tries. He has to jog to keep up. He is so fun to watch. Later we went to the dog park at the Brandywine Park. Its off-leash and he loved playing fetch. We train with positive reinforcement and barely punish unless he wines at his feline brother or sister then its a stern "Bad Dog"!. We don't believe in hitting or physical  punishment AT ALL! All it does is make him afraid of you. His legs are still too short to comfortably climb the stairs to the apartment but sometimes he will try to climb them himself and other times Steve has to carry him. And as for housebreaking him, he is doing extraordinary. We put out puppy pads and he always went on those except once. Then today, literately one day later, he will wine and let me know when he has to potty. But if I wait too long, he will go inside on the pads... so its a race against time.

We are so blessed that the Lord brought him in to our lives. He is a true blessing. We have a dog park right here in the apartment complex so there is no excuse for him to have any pent up energy. Bunker and Gunyr have been doing great and are getting along. Tubbles on the other hand is in the bedroom and will not come out. We had to move the litter box and dishes in there because she is having the same reaction as when Bunker came in to our lives but not so extreme. She is actually doing much better with this transition then the last. We are just giving her lots of extra love and attention.

Time for a walk

He is such a beautiful little man

Walking by the water

Run Gunyr, Run!

A quick drink

More running

I love Him!

Momma holding him during his first car ride

Cuddles for Daddy

His big new comfy bed

Loved watching the birds (Brandywine Zoo)

"But Mom, I dont want to shop anymore!"

"..well, okay.. as long as I get more samples"

First bath time.

A snoring Gunyr.

My little mouth breather

"I was rescued"

Look at those huge paws! He is going to be a big dog!

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