Sunday, March 17, 2013

forgotton photos

My cousin Ashley tagged Steve and I in a few photos on Facebook that I have never seen. We look so different then. These were taken from when we were just dating, or maybe we have just gotten engaged. I'm not entirely sure. I was about 16 or 17 here (in 2006 or 2007). Seeing these completely made my day. I don't have any photos of my childhood or teen years. When my Dad passed, I gave everything to the local church and didn't think I would want a photo of myself as a baby to show our children one day. I think I will have to ask my Mom to see if she has any she can send to me.

Steve and I with my nephew David (my brother David's son)

David and I
Steve, David and I

Picnic for Grandmas Katherine birthday (my Mom's mother). My Mom on the right and Grandpa Ralph (Mom's father) on left.

From left: My mom Debbie, me, Stacy (sister-in-law) holding my niece Katy, and Bob (moms boyfriend) holding my nephew David.

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