Saturday, March 16, 2013

Growing boy and our apartment garden

Seven months and he is already taller than Tubbles (look at those long legs of his!). He is so fun and is such a baby. He still suckles my shirts and loves to vocalize his opinion about everything. You should check out a few of our home videos we have taken of him. He is so fast in play and he sure keeps Tubbles on her toes. I think she has lost a bit of weight since she has him to play with all day now. They sure sleep good at night.

We recently planted some flowers and a few vegetables (apartment gardening is a little experiment we are doing) and since they need to stay indoors for the first six weeks, the kittens love to smell the dirt and hang around the kitchen where I keep the pots. We also got some balcony furniture so it should be nice this Summer to sit outside with my family and smell our blooming flowers and yummy veggies. So excited for the warm season coming up.

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