Saturday, September 22, 2012


Life at Job Corps has been going great! I have made a few friends and my studies are going really well. I have accomplished in six weeks what takes other students 12 months. The teachers are always saying how great I am doing and how proud they are. I know everyone learns at different speeds but they seem so amazed at my accomplishments.
They must have really seen something in me because they put me on Honor Roll which comes with its own awesome quirks like special parking and some awesome gifts. A staff member actually requested me for Work-Based Learning. Work-Based Learning is where you can do an Internship as if you were employed and at a real job. Sometimes they send you off to an actual business and sometimes you it for a staff member of the center.
Anyways, I was requested to work in the Records Department. The staff member that works there requested me by name. She only allows select people to work in that department because we work with such highly confidential things such as social security numbers, criminal records, and so on. I love it. I love the office setting. I do a lot of filing in there and putting AWOLs, sick leaves, and expenses in student's files. It pretty fun and the ladies there are super entertaining and funny.
I do Work-Based for 95 minutes a day and the rest in my normal Office Administration/Business Technology class. I have all of my book work done and now all I have left to do before graduation is getting my Certifications. Yesterday, I actually passed my Microsoft Word 2010 Specialist Certification. I need my Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. I am also getting three other internet certifications as well. Then I will be DONE! I can not wait. Getting there at 8 and not leaving until 4 Monday through Friday has been a bit rough when I have not been in a brick and mortar school in so long. But it is worth it. When I realized how demanding it is, I quit my job at the Mall and it has helped my sleep level a lot.

I have some awesome plans for when I graduate. But I am kinda nervous since the job market is crap right now. My overall goal is to work from home. I am in the works of starting a Virtual Assistant business. I have really thought about all my options when it comes to work form home careers and Virtual Assisting seems to be the most promising and I can use the skills I learned in JC in this field.
I have always wanted an at-home career and now I am finally putting things in motion to make that happen. Hearing Tubbles meow as soon as I shut the front door to leave in the mornings is that much more motivation to work from home. I feel so bad. She is home alone for most of the day and it kills me.

Some photos:
Wilmington Job Corps Center

The hallway

The cafeteria

Goodbye student parking, hello Honor student parking

The uniform

At the front desk answering calls for the Center

View from the top floor window

Watch I got for being put in Honors. Awesome memorabilia!

WHAT WHAT!!  Gold card and some movie tickets.

 Steve and I are movie goers. Its way too expensive to go to the movies now days so its super convenient that JC does attendance incentives where you get movie tickets every few weeks. I got some more for being put in Honors. So you know where we will be this weekend! We are going to see End of Watch. It looks so good and has great reviews. A few others we have seen in the last few weeks is Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy. Both completely awesome! I think I am going to have to buy The Bourne Legacy when it comes out on DVD. Yep, it was that good.

Later note: End of Watch was AMAZING! I really related to the wife and Steve said he related to the main police officer. It really touched us. I don't want to give any spoilers so you will have to watch it to see what we are talking about. I can not wait until it comes out on DVD to buy.

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