Sunday, September 23, 2012

Operation: Housewife Status

I seriously just miss being home all the time. I remember being a homemaker in Germany and I just could not wait until we moved back to America so I could get a job and be more independent. When we did finally make it back here and I started Job Corps, I was pretty happy to have something to do during the day. Well now I know how the other side lives and I want to go back to being a Homemaker.. the problem?? The problem is that my husband is no longer in the Military and he doesn't have that stable job and steady paycheck. He has an hourly salary now as well and going to college. Its scary to think about, especially in this economy, when we are so used to having that stability of the Military lifestyle. Our rent, electricity, and water is no longer paid by the Military. We no longer live on a Military base and have a Commissary to buy cheap food from. Sometimes its scary to think how on our own we are when all we really know is the Military lifestyle.
When I graduate from Job Corps, I will need to contribute to our family income and that scares me. Working a 9-5 job is just not for me. My husband has said how much he misses me being at home cooking and cleaning and knowing I will be here when he comes home at night. Having a home cooked meal ready for him at night like I used to when in Germany is few and far between. I sure miss it too and we are both putting our heads together on ideas for me being a stay-at-home wife (and eventually Mommy, hopefully one day) as well as bringing in extra income.
With all this weighing on my mind, I am determined to get an at-home career. I was set on only starting a Virtual Assistant business but I have broadened my horizons a bit and now see what else I could be doing to bring in income that does not require me to have a job outside the home. I have been doing a lot of research on all of my options and I am very excited. There are a lot of opportunities out there.
I will be done with my studies with Job Corps in a month or so. I have to be successful in my plans of working from home because I absolutely love being a housewife. I know it wont be right away and I am planning on getting a Office Admin job when I am done, maybe in a Government building. I think it will do me some good to be in the professional business world for awhile and get that experience.. But working from home is definitely a goal of mine. By the time we move to Idaho, I want to be back on Housewife status but we will see what life throws at us.

I don't think I have mentioned this yet but Steve has switched majors. He is no longer doing the Paramedic degree because has realized that if he wants to walk when he is 30, he needs to ease up on his knees. Being Airborne has done quite a toll on his legs. Paramedics are on their feet a lot so he decided to do something else he is really interested in that is a more of a sit down job. Computer Programming. I am always behind him in whatever he does. He once sat me down and made a calculator on the computer. It was really neat. He really loves it and we are both so happy he switched. I am so proud of him.

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