Thursday, July 26, 2012

Job Corps

After working for a month or so in a min wage job, I realize that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Seeing my pitiful pay check just gave me a big wake up call. I don't even make enough to pay our rent, if I had to. If all the responsibilities of our bills were on my shoulders, I would not be financially able to do it, and I want the lifestyle where I can pay my bills and have money left over and have those nice things like a nice car and not having to scrounge at the end of the month. I needed a plan and I was pretty desperate since I had just dropped out of college.
  I decided to enroll in the Wilmington Job Corps. I am not new to Job Corps. I attended the Wolf Creek JC when I was 17. I had to move to Oregon and live on a dorm with 10 other girls. I got really homesick and begged my Dad to let me come home. It was the first time being away from home and I was scared.
  I am older now and we just happened to have moved right next to Wilmington JC who does not have on-campus dorms so I can live off campus with my husband and Tubbles. Thank goodness, because if I had to move or not be able to come home to them every night, I probably would not do it and this is a big opportunity for me to get a good paying career where I am not on my feet all day like I am with my current job at the mall.
  I start on Monday. I am going to be a business student. I did the same thing when I went to JC in Oregon. I will be working at the mall on weekends. It can take up to two years to complete. It is pretty strict there and you have to dress in suite-like clothes... you pretty much dress as if you already have a career in business.  Oh and I have lost 10 pounds since I started my diet, Clothes are looking a lot better on me but I am not stopping there. Hope everyone is having a great week. Monday I start a big milestone in my life. I have always had a passion for business. I feel kinda sad that I will not be pursuing a career in animals any longer but I feel I am still helping them by volunteering at the SPCA.
  If anyone is interested in learning more about Job Corps, visit

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