Saturday, May 12, 2012

Walk it off

The Christiana Mall had a Walk It Off event where you get a gift card for the mall if you walk 3,000 steps in a certain amount of time. My husband and I both decided to do it so we got to the mall before it even opened and walked around, did some window shopping, tried some yummy food at the stands the event had up and got some info on healthy eating and avoiding disease. Very informative stuff.

The Event.

Empty mall.

Our little gift bag we got.

Pedometers with our steps on them when we were done.
Some other fun news is we finally got our licenses and we will be taking a trip up to Baltimore MD next week to pick up the Honda! YAY!  Also, Stephen has found a job with theft prevention with a department store while he goes to college. So proud of him.

How cute is he in his new uniform?

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  1. Crystal & Steve, Im so proud of both of you. Glad you found a job Steve. Congradulations!!! And Crystal Im glad you set a goal to get the things you want to get done. Dont let it overwealm you. You can do anything you set you mind to as soon as you get your head wrapped around it. Please think about trying hypnosis to accomplish your weight loss. I love you. Mom