Thursday, May 10, 2012

Never thought I would miss it

I really didn't think I would ever miss Germany, and to be honest, its not the country itself that I miss. I miss the Army wife lifestyle. I miss having some sort of routine in my life. I can't seem to get back on track in school or in my housewife duties. In Germany, I would always wake up in the mornings and clean the house while Steve was at PT (Physical Training). Now he sleeps in until 11:00 and I never really have the will power to get the housework done. Maybe because the house is still full of boxes and it all seems hopeless. I am one of those people that needs structure in their life. Everything has changed and is still changing.. and I think I am a little panicked and confused what we are supposed to do now. Is this our lives now?

   Its the little things I miss as well. Like the two sinks I had in Germany. Here I keep forgetting to make sure all the dishes are emptied before starting to fill the sink. Then if I find some liquid in a glass, I have nowhere to dump it out at. It may seem silly, but there is a few things I still need to get used to.
  I also really miss my friends and the support system I had with the FRG. I have not made any friends here, but how could I when I am cooped up in the house all day with no real opportunities to meet people. I still talk with them on Facebook and what not but its not the same.
  I guess its all part of moving to a new place.

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  1. I think it is part of moving to a new place (and in part due to being in the house). I don't really have friends here either (but I also haven't been getting out much aside from with my husband). I'm finally about to start working and plan to go back to school in the fall so hopefully that'll change.