Thursday, June 7, 2012

Long overdue update

So much has happened and I feel silly for cramming it all into one blog post. I feel like if I wait and wait and let all these events happen without blogging about them, I lose some of the excitement of everything and I am pretty much just listing off things that have happened instead of telling a story. So I will do my best to record what I can. Also, my Iphone's camera is so not as good as my Fujifilm so the photos can be better. I need to start taking my camera with me more but its just so much more easier to grab my phone and go.

We made it up to Maryland to pick up the Honda. We took a Greyhound bus there and it was exciting to see what other places out here on the East coast look like besides this part of Delaware. While waiting for the Greyhound to take us, we sort of explored downtown Wilmington a bit and walked along the River Front park. It looks so much like the River Front park in Spokane Washington. That is where we are from, the Washington-Idaho area. But it really felt like we were back in Spokane. I felt at home for the first time in a long time. Here are a few photos of our day-
Downtown Wilmington

Riverfront Park in Wilmington

Pretty view of the river from the dock

Bird houses lining the river. They are so cute and creative.

Wilmington from Riverfront

A little friend we made

Dreaming of New York

The first toll we have ever been through. Pretty exciting and a little expensive.

Steve putting on our new plate.

Once we got back to Delaware, we went and got our Delaware licenses so we could become residents. The DMV here is pretty big. Steve and I both has a funny story from there. Since we are.. well, were Washington residents, we had to renew our drivers licenses through the mail so our photos were not on the license. Since Steve had no photo ID except his Military ID, they accused him of identity theft. Then the lady who was doing mine straight out told me I was too young to be married. Wow. I know marrying young is not a new concept to people because my own mother was married at 16. As for Steve, it was all worked out and they finally gave him his license.

So we decided to get a Costco membership and it actually has some good savings. Since we got the membership, we have not yet ran out of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies.. nothing. But maybe I did go a little over board. I had never really shopped at a Costco before and I was expecting to get everything on my list there. I spent a total of $400.00 and didn't get half of what I needed. I realize now that is only good to buy stuff you use the most of. I guess I had to learn the hard way. But the endless samples is a huge plus. We went to Walmart after that and got the rest. Oh and another thing we got at Costco a few weeks ago is a Vitamix. Has anyone ever heard of one of those. It is a really neat blender. Sure, it was $500.00.. yes, we spent that much on a blender and Steve had to beg me and I had to have lots of samples of everything it could do but we did get it and it was such a great investment. Its seriously so much more then a blender. I helps me eat so much more healthier which I have been slacking on. My dieting it on a total halt right now but that has been helping a lot. I am a horrible yo-yo dieter and I get completely burnt out really easily. I feel like I will never get results.

Steve started school a few weeks ago and he is going full time. He leaves in the morning and doesn't return until 4 or so and then he is home just long enough to change into his work clothes and then is at work for 8 hours, yes he works full time as well, and does not come home until I am long gone asleep. It has put a real strain on us and I feel just horrible that he is having to go through all this so the bills can get paid. I have been searching and searching for a position in a clinic and even had an interview but nothing is working out for me. I am just about to give up and start applying to restaurants and things like that. I also have dropped out of my Veterinary Technology program at Penn Foster College. I didn't like the program at all and the school just wasn't for me. Medical math is just too much and knowing I will have to be doing that everyday is just not for me. I am horrible at it and I realize now that I am not a good fit. As much as I love animals and the medical field, I decided to go on another path. I was in my first semester so it wasn't a huge blow. I feel really stuck right now. Not in school and don't have a job. I need to get my own life started and I just don't know how. I have thought about maybe talking with a life coach but I really have no idea how to do that nor have the money.
My sweet girl having a cat nap on me

Steve got his new security uniform.

A sign by Steve's school. I just love visiting the Geese.

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