Friday, February 3, 2012

Whats in my handbag

I admit it. I am a Youtub-er. I love it. We have a Youtube full of home videos, its Their is a big thing on there of people showing what they have in their handbags, college book bags, ect. I thought it was really interesting so I thought of doing one. Only I don't Vlog (video blog).. I just have a regular blog right here. So, here is my version of "whats in my handbag".
I have a Signature Coach Carly handbag
A glimpse inside. Burgundy lining. Everything nice and organized. That vinyl  bag is what holds my random items.

Inside my matching wallet, I have both dollars and euro (since we are stationed in Germany and its good to keep cash on hand). Also keeps my student ID card (I blacked out my student ID number for security purposes), AAFES subway card (my favorite fast food place), Shoppette movie rental card, German drivers license, Papperts coffee card (favorite German coffee shop), and Washington drivers license.

My Coach ID holder. I keep my Military ID and debit card in it (blacked out also, you can never be to careful). I use these two cards the most so I keep them easily accessible.(you have you have your Military ID to shop at the Commissary, PX, check your mail, get gas, rent a movie, rent a library book, pay your internet/cell bill, take your animal to the vet, go to the doctors, and so on).. If your in the Military or a Military spouse, you are no one without your ID card.

Photo of Tubbles in the photo slot of my Coach ID holder

random stuff I need throughout the day. -pens, daily planner,  feline print coin purse, German cell phone, and a meal bar since I have a blood sugar thing and will pass out if I skip a meal.

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