Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy German laws

Germany is known for the completely crazy laws.. here is list of the ones I think are the most ridiculous.. and funny.

1) It is illegal to build an office without a view of the sky.
2) It is an offense punishable with a fine and points on your license to run out of petrol on a motorway.
3) A "quiet time" is observed between noon and 3pm when it is forbidden to mow the lawn, wash cars, play loud music or hammer nails.
4) It is forbidden to hand washing out on Sunday.
5) A pillow is classified as a "passive weapon" and hitting someone with one can lead to charges of assault.
6) It is illegal to wear a mask while on strike.
7) It is illegal to tune pianos at midnight.
8) You can be fined 20 euros for calling someone an "arse" but 5,000 euros for calling an official a "little Hitler".
9) It is against the law to deny a chimney sweep access to your home if he demands it.
10) It is illegal to have the ashes of your loved one stored in an urn at home after cremation.
11) During Oktoberfest, noone is actually legally drunk, no matter how much they have consumed.
12) Illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn.
13) Illegal to wash your car on Sundays.
14) Against the law to change your own oil.
15) Illegal to have a sound system with bass in your car.
16) Illegal to have the front windows tinted. (We actually had to peel off our tinting of the front windows when we got there. We could not register it until it was off and could pass inspection)

Their is a ton more but here are just a few I wanted to share. Enjoy.

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  1. I like the quiet hours between noon and 3 - quiet time for napping! Whenever I wanted to take a mid-day nap at my old place, my downstairs neighbors were always playing their music loud. I knew we played music loud at other times of day, so I never complained, it just made napping impossible. :)