Monday, February 13, 2012

A trip to the Veterinarian

Since we have the big ETS right around the corner, the number one thing that we were worried about not getting done in time is Tubble's rabies shot and health certificate. By law, she has to be up to date with her rabies 30 days prior to flying. I wasn't sure if she had gotten it yet but I found out that she had at Fairchild Air Force Base Vet clinic when we lived in Spokane. So, she is set to fly. All we have to do now is have her taken in to the Vet once we are 10 days prior to flying to get her Health Certificate.
  Yesterday we went to the Vet to get her her rabies shot (then found out she already had her 3 year shot) and so I decided to get her ears checked. She has been scratching them a lot and it has been worrying me. They did a swab and checked to see if they were mites and I guess it was just dirt. The whole vet visit was $17.00! That is probably the cheapest Veterinary bill I have ever paid. Got to love Military Veterinary clinics.

The next worry on our list is where the heck we are moving to. We had three options I listed on the "whats next??" post. We have decided that joining the National Guard/Reserves is not what we want to do..and staying active duty is for sure a no-go. We are getting out of the Military 100%.  So that eliminates one option. We have also come to the conclusion that Steve will not be attending Penn State University. He is more interested in getting out of the Military and getting a job. He is still planning on attending school at maybe a local college or local university of where ever he finds a job at but it will be part time, he is thinking maybe night school or something.
  He isn't sure Nursing is right for him.. but still leaning towards it. Second guessing your career is normal. You all know I sure did. I have many posts about maybe switching my major. In the end I went with what my heart was telling me and I know that is what Steve will do as well. I mean, its your CAREER! That's a big decision.
  At this moment, we are waiting for a reply back from a job that Steve is trying to get. Its located in Canonsburg Pennsylvania. Once we know that he as the job, we are going to send HHG and the car. If he doesn't get the job, then we are going to send the HHG and car to where my cousin Nicole lives. We are wanting to maybe live close to her. We want to live next to a big city and she lives next to Philadelphia. Living next to family and a big city would be perfect for us. Nicole is more like a sister than a cousin to me. If Steve did end up getting the job in Canonsburg, we would live over six hours away from her. I am torn between wanting him to get the job and him not getting the job. That's so horrible of me, I know.  I also want to live closer to my Mom in Spokane Washington. I am just so torn between it all. I have been in Germany for so long and if we move to Pennsylvania, who knows when I would be able to make a trip to Spokane again. Steve says maybe a few months after we get to where ever we are going, I sure hope so. I just miss my Mom so much.

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  1. Good luck on the new move and to your husband picking a new career. Nursing is a good way to go in this economy. My husband wants me to consider it as well. It's always good knowledge to have even if he decides to switch to something else later.