Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trip to XXXL

 We are getting our HHG (House Hold Goods) in a few days. The Military ships all your stuff on a big boat once you are stationed in a foreign country. Our stuff has finally arrived in Germany. A kitchen table is the only thing we don't have coming. So we wanted to go look around at furniture stores to see if we can get one before the movers arrived... but the only on problem is that Germany is a snow storm right now.

We finally got the guts to drive in the blizzard that was going on to go to XXXL which is 20 minutes away when driving on the Autobahn (highway in Germany). The road conditions were YELLOW but we decided we would just drive slow and careful! We quickly came to the conclusion that was a dumb decision. About 3 minutes after we left home we had to turn a corner to get on the on ramp to get on the Autobahn and the ice on the road had other plans.. we nearly went straight into a road sign pole but missed it!  That should of been our sign to turn back and go home but heck no.. we kept on driving.. bad idea!
   SO, there we were driving on the Autobahn and had to speed up to keep up with traffic. The Germans on there were passing by us like there wasn't any ice but we were fish tailing. I don't do well with anxiety so I started having a panic attack but was alright once we started to get on road that wasn't so icy and was actually plowed. We eventually came to the exit to get off for XXXL and almost went to a crawl going down the spiral hill since we could see it was icy and didn't want to slide and hit the guard rail but when we eventually got on regular town road it was very slippery and icy again and as we were coming to a stop at the light, the car couldn't stop.. the ice just had it keep on sliding and we would have slammed right in to the back of a semi if the light didn't turn green the semi hadn't moved. Thank you, Lord!
  Anyways, We finally made it and they didn't even have a dinner table in our price range and the few they had we didn't care for. But we did get a cute rug for the kitchen for in front of the oven and a nice fruit and veggie holder!
  The trip home wasn't as bad but we did get lost for a quick minute but somehow we found an exit for Schweinfurt that took us home!  We have decided we are NEVER driving in that bad of weather again! What were we thinking?!

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