Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting settled in

Steve has been home from deployment for a little under a month now and we are slowly but surely setting up house in our first home together and getting adjusted to married life since this is the first time being together even though we have been married for a year and a half. That is so weird to think about. We are using Army loan furniture until we get our HHG in.. Its still on a ship on its way over here to Germany.
We finally got our internet and phone hooked up, it's December so we got our Christmas tree set up, and a big plus is we finally got our Honda here! We shipped it at the Army's expense. Its so nice not having to take the post bus anymore and now we can explore more of Germany and Europe in general. Plus we don't have to have the Commissary baggers walk our cart full of goceries to our home. They will do that for a big tip. Housing is right down the street from the Commissary so its a short walk and everyone that doesn't have a car does it but its sort of a pain.

We spent our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple last month! We also invited some of the single soldiers over.. I didn't want to have Steve's friends sitting alone in the barracks on Thanksgiving! Christmas is also in just a few weeks!! I love the Holiday season! We are getting more snow then I've ever been used to. Just a few days ago it was a foot deep and its only getting worse. I love snow.. as long as I don't have to go out in it.

Today is also the last day of work for Steve, he gets a month off for Block Leave. Not sure if we will be traveling though!! We kinda just want to stay home and get adjusted to each other again, adjusted to our first duty station, and living in Germany. Lots of big changes at once.
A few photos of our empty home. But at least its ours.
Living room

Dining room


snacking and playing video games before dinner

My wonderful hubby and I

Steve singing a tune

The boys rockin' out

Man of the house carving the bird

Eli and Adam saving some meat

Beer games for the rest of the night

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