Sunday, November 24, 2013

28 Weeks

We are finally in the third trimester! Where has the time gone? In centering, we did a tour of Labor and Delivery to see where we will be having our babies and I just can't imagine that day of delivering would ever come. I am still trying to comprehend that there is actually a baby, a real human, in there. The thought of holding this baby and taking him home seems like a dream.. not a reality that will soon come.

One more trimester. Just crazy! He is getting so big. You can see him poking himself out of my tummy and moving all over. He loves when I rub his back, head, and little feet. I will rub my tummy where I can feel he is and he will just stay right there while I do so. He will get real active after I eat but there is no settling down when he gets something sweet in him. He will just kick and kick. We will just sit and watch my tummy bounce and move all over.

My cravings have been pretty normal all pregnancy. No weird ones that I hear from everyone else like Pizza with mustard. But I do have pretty intense cravings for Chinese food and have even drove across state lines to go to Panda Express at the mall in PA. I have also waited for KFC to open just for a large serving of mac and cheese.

I'm not sure of I ever gave the results to my three hour glucose test but it came back normal. I had my third trimester glucose test a few days ago and that came back normal as well, thank the Lord. But, I have become anemic and now have to take Iron and Vitamin C pills twice a day. Since I have a major fear of swallowing pill (never been able to do it), I have been grinding them up in smoothies with our Vita-mix and that has worked out great.

28 Weeks

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