Sunday, November 10, 2013

26 weeks

I can really feel baby boy moving now. Sometimes I have to stop and say "whoa, that was a big kick". Kick counts have been a breeze. Ill start counting during his most active time and it takes anywhere from a minute to five minutes to get ten kicks.

My cravings have included noodle dishes, mac and cheese, chocolate, and strangely enough, candy canes. Good thing they are starting to put them back on the shelves since the Holidays are coming up. But Chinese food has been a big one. Just today we drove to Pennsylvania (again) so I could get Panda Express. YUM! I can't get enough.

I have been feeling great but the exhaustion has officially crept back in. Very few days am I able to go through a day without a nap. Maybe the insomnia has something to do with that as well. Its very hard to sleep at night and I am always waking up to numb hips. Can't lay on my back, can't lay on my front.. and my hips go numb when I lay on either side. Yeah, sleeping these days has been way too much fun. And of course I should mention (since I don't want to forget anything), he is getting much heavier and when he lays low on my bladder, its very uncomfortable. Not to mention when he starts to kicks it. I have to run to the closest bathroom. Hubby loves to laugh at me and cheers baby boy on. And this whole peeing a little every time I sneeze thing is for the birds.

I am not complaining, just trying to record everything. I wanted this.. all of it! I thank God for it. With all the minor discomforts, this is the best experience I have ever had. I fall more in love with this baby with every kick and flip. If God forbids me to have another, I just want to be able to remember my experience in my own words.
26 weeks

 I posted a photo of this shirt at a concession stand at the Mall when we first moved to Delaware because I thought it was awesome.. well, Hubby bought it for me! Haha, I love it. I love how its customized to where we live. Proud Homemaker, I am.

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