Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

I woke up before dawn like I always do and I walked out in to the living room and started walking in a bunch of hard objects that hurt my feet. I had to keep walking on them to get to the kitchen to get to the light switch to find out that my wonderful husband traveled Hersey kisses from the bedrooom to the entertainment center where sat a heart box of Hersey truffles, a dozen roses, a beautiful card with a hand written poem in it, a small box of chocolate that was from the babies (Tubbles and Bunker) as well as a stuffed dog that is now Bunker's cuddle buddy.

How sweet is that?

The set up I woke up to. He is such a charmer when he wants to be.

Beautiful Tubbles


To Steve from the kittens. I also got him some chocolate and a card.

To Mommy from the kittens

Dinner at Tasti Thai

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