Friday, February 22, 2013

 I wanted to share with you a neat app (they also have a website you can listen on) called I learned about it through the First Baptist Church here that is right up the street from us. They, as well of many other churches around the US, are putting their Sunday service recordings on to that app so people can listen to them and learn their teachings from home. I absolutely love it since I have not been able to attend church yet but I pretty much consider First Baptist to be my church. I am planning on attending in person soon but through the app you can listen LIVE on Sundays (or whatever day they have their service). You just look up your church and you can listen to previous sermons and if your on at the right time, you can listen live. The pastor at First baptist is so funny and he helps me understand what I am reading in the Bible so much better. I am really enjoying it and I know a few of you would love to learn about this as well.

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