Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harness training

Bunker is almost seven months old now and still young enough to have learning new things be fairly simple for him so I started harness training him. Its been a few days of keeping it on him for a few hours at a time and he is doing so well. Once he is comfortable enough in it, we can go outside and he can explore the world outside these walls like I did with Tubbles in Germany. Remember how she got to explore the BBQ area and the grass in the back of our building? She loved it and I know Bunker will to. Tubbles will not go for a harness so I think I will just stick with a leash for her. I can't wait for Spring to start doing more things outside with my babies. They love the sun and the harness will keep Bunker safe and close when we are ready to go outside.
*Read about Tubbles' outdoor adventurers here.*

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