Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Irish Pub

What a nightmare. I am telling you this story because it happened, and when it happened I was beyond angry, but now that it is over, I can laugh about it but when it was going on, I was so mad that I think I would of done some serious physical damage to my husband with my inner strength if I allowed myself. It all started last night..

We were invited to a going away get together at the Irish Pub in downtown Schweinfurt Germany for SGT Pampkin, SGT Hurt, and a few others that are PCSing (Permanent Change of Station-moving to a new duty station). I knew Steve would drink, and most likely get drunk just like he always does when he goes there. Everyone was having a good time when I realized that, yep, he was drunk.. he started square dancing (in a bar the doesn't have a dancing area), and almost fell over.. I actually got a video of him doing it.. click here.

At about 11pm, I started to get hungry and knew it was time for him to get home so I started bugging him about leaving.. He ordered yet another beer and chugged it. I still don't know my way around Schweinfurt that well so I followed him and he took us in the opposite direction of the Doner shop. We walked in the cold for about 10 minutes until I realized he we getting farther away and turned around, we went back to the Irish Pub and asked SGT hurt and his wife Nadine where it was and it was literally across the street.

So Steve tried to order our Doners and was slurring to much so I ordered them.. After we paid and got our food to go, Steve started bugging the German on how to speak all the items on the Doner in German.  I could see the German was very uncomfortable so I tried to get Steve out of the shop, when I finally did he took one step out of the building and fell right on his face..  After that, the rest of the night was a struggle to keep him on his feet.

I got his arm wrapped around my shoulders and got him in the car and tried to have him eat his Doner. (On the way to the car, he demanded I tell him my social security number to verify I was his wife). Once in the car, He fell asleep almost instantly. I drove home, he pretty much climbed the stairs to our apartment, and got him undessed and in to bed. I soon went to bed myself.

I woke up to him getting out of bed, I tried to get him back in to bed but it wasn't happening, so I just laid in bed and watched to see what he was doing... He went out in to the hallway and just stood there, then I heard it.. the sound of liquid hitting plastic. He was urinating on Tubbles litter box. I jumped up and saw him standing over the cat box urinating. I started screaming but he didn't seem to hear a thing. I was about to punch him in the face to snap him out of it but decided not to, I didn't know what was wrong with him and didn't know if a hard hit would hurt him.. or make him go a little crazy. I told him to clean it up and he didn't say anything, he just pushed passed me, got in bed, and went back to sleep.

I laid down towels to soak up the urine and checked to see if it has actually gotten in her litter besides just on top and around of the box, of course it had. I waited a few hours until about 6:30 in the morning so I knew he would be a bit sober and I let him have it. He had no idea what he had done. Tubbles is his little girl, he felt horrible and completely embarrassed.

He mopped the floor, cleaned the box, changed out the litter and so on. He doesn't remember anything past 10:30 last night. I guess he blacked out. He said he was somewhat sober all last night and that some one must have spiked his drink, I think he just drank more then he realized. He still feels horrible for what he did to Tubby's personal area, he but cleaned it nice and good for her. He loves her and I know he feels like crap right now.

Please don't judge my husband, he doesn't go out to Pubs at all, just on occasions like going away get togethers and what not. This is meant to just be a funny story to remember and to tell our family and friends. He vowed to never go back to the Pub.

Here are a few photos of when the night was still young..

A toast before they drink their Irish Car Bombs

SGT Pampkin

Steve and his buddies

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