Thursday, February 10, 2011

TDY at Vilseck Army Post PART 1

Steve has TDY (Temporary Duty) for SAM31 (Small Arms Maintenance) schooling here at Vilseck Army Post. Its so he can completely take over the Arms room and be the Havoc Troop Armorer (issues out weapons, takes care of the guns and what not). He is looking forward to learning all about the gun but this also means he will not be returning to C troop (where he was a Infantryman and on the front lines, literately). This makes it final, so he is a little heart broken too.
When we first got here, Steve did a few briefings about whats going on with his schooling, where we are going to stay, food, gas ect...
  Well we thought we would either be staying in the Kristal Inn on post or maybe a hotel right off of post (the Army chooses where we stay), well when we found out, turns out it is 20-25 minute drive away from post. We are staying in a 'Ma and Pa' Hotel as we like to call it. The first night we stayed here the heaters were off (the Hotel had to turn them on themselves and forgot) and we were very very cold.  The beds are not a big queen like normal hotels in the USA, we got two very small beds.
  A few hours after we arrived to the hotel after our long drive, we didn't have a kitty litter box set up for Tubbles and the PX was closed on post so we put litter on a couple of plastic bags.. it worked for an over night deal but in the morning litter was everywhere and the bags were tore apart. Tubbles was upset with us for not having an adequate cat box and as I was looking through my suit case that morning for something to wear, Tubbles jumped in it and I thought it was the cutest thing as I THOUGHT she was laying in it all cute like. I then was trying to get my camera to work to take a photo of it.. then I realized she was peeing-IN MY SUITCASE!!
 After Tubbles relived herself, Steve asked the front desk where we could do laundry... The woman at the desk did not speak very good English and asked "Whats laundry?" ..after some explaining, she told us to bring it down at breakfast and she will do it for us. I was kind of weary about it but we have no other way of getting our clothes clean.
   There also is no trash can in our Hotel room so Steve went down and asked where we can throw our trash at-as in where's the dumpster at outside.. and again, she asked "what's garbage?" and "what's trash can?" ... eventually Steve got it through and was told to put all the trash next to the door. So we bought our own bags and have been using that.  So far we have been here for 4 days, and it has been quite an experience.For those of you who were worried, we did get Tubbles her kitty litter box and is now happy as a clam. Every time we run in to a person who works here at the Hotel, they always ask "you has Cat, yes?" (German accent). She is pretty popular here. I guess not many people bring their animals to this Hotel.
Tubbles lounging in the back on our drive there

Reception desk

Second floor

Our hotel room

Tubbles loved the Skylight (window on the roof)

Smelling all the new smells

View of the small village we stayed in called Gebenbach.

The bar
A little view of the drive to the post

You know your getting close to  Military post when you start seeing Humvees

The main gate to Vilseck

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