Monday, February 14, 2011

TDY at Vilseck Army Post PART 2

We were able to finally go see Grafenwoehr Army Post which is about 20-30 minutes away from Vilseck Army Post. It has the largest PX in Bavaria Germany. With that title I was expecting something a little more large then what was there. It was still a nice place and bigger then the one we have in Schweinfurt but compared to Ramstein AFB's PX/BX, it was pretty small. (Ramstein is the largest PX/BX in the world).
 Yesterday the Hotel we are in moved us to another room. Where we were was on the top floor and we had to go up more stairs then necessary to get to our room.. We never complained but I guess they figured they would move us since we are here for another week and a bigger room on the second floor opened up, which was really nice of them.  Pictures of the new Hotel room...

At least they tried to speak English

Up before the Sun

Tubbles snuggled in bed
We have been here for about a week now and it is nice having a change of pace. Steve is enjoying his classes-He gets to learn about guns, takes them apart, puts them back together and such. He usually doesn't get back to the hotel until about 1800 (6pm) every night.. by then dinner is ready downstairs (we get cheap food for me and the Army pays for Steve's meals) so we eat, maybe watch some German TV [that we can't understand] then go to bed.   Ever since Steve started his classes/training, I have been going to the post with him every morning, drop him off at school, then just park at the PX until he has lunch then he takes me back to the Hotel, then he leaves and finishes off his day of school. You would think it would be pretty boring to sit in a car for a few hours every morning but I don't mind it.. I just read and maybe do some shopping sometimes when the PX opens. I just hate being at the Hotel when the maids comes everyday.. its so awkward [to me]. Plus I have been really enjoying the book I have been reading. I am HUGE fan of the show Army wives [since I can relate to them so much] -comes on every Sunday on Lifetime at 10pm (Season 5 starts March 6th 2010!!)
 Well, that TV show is based from a book called Under the Sabers by Tanya Biank. Normally I can't get in to a book easily and I end up just calling it quits and never really finish it.The first time I ever even tried reading Under the Sabers is when my Dad was in the hospital.. I never left his side and decided to pick up a book to keep me company and fill the time.. before I was even able to reach the first chapter, my father passed away and never really bothered to open the book again.. until now. I was at the PX at Vilseck and saw it sitting on the shelf kind of calling to me so I decided to buy it and I'm sure glad I did. Call me crazy but I get vibes from things...such as when Tubbles gave birth to a cat on Super bowl  Sunday (my Dad was a HUGE football fan) at my Moms house [when we were staying there before we moved to Germany]. I had a feeling that my fathers spirit was in that little kitten.. I was just so attached to it and as was my Mom and my Mom doesn't even like animals but she was so attached to this little cat. I'm just saying.. I was a weird feeling/vibe that I never felt before (call me nuts all you'd like).  Ive never shared that feeling with anyone..until now. I couldn't keep the kitten since we were about to move to Germany so I decided to give it to the local Spokane animal shelter. It really tore me up to give them Tubble's kitten and it seemed that it tore my Mom up just as bad.. She cried about it for days before and even went back to the shelter the day after I gave it up so she could go pick the kitten back up but it already was given a home!!

Isn't he handsome?

 Another thing to ponder on the subject- Cats give birth to many kittens at a time.. Tubbles gave birth many times before to many kittens but when she gave birth on Super Bowl Sunday, she gave birth to only one.. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyways, back to what I was saying (I tend to get off track easily).. I have been reading Under the Sabers by Tanya Biank and I suggest it to anyone!! I am almost halfway done and I can't put the darn thing down. I used to only read it when I was waiting for Steve to get on lunch but now I read it when I'm here at the Hotel.. It really pulls you in. Its a true story about four Army wives at Fort Bragg! 

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