Monday, July 1, 2013

How we told our parents

The first two people who found out we were expecting were our Moms. Steve called his Mom the day I took my second pregnancy test confirming my pregnancy. I was a day shy of 5 weeks pregnant. Its sad to have to tell everyone over the phone since we live so far away but we will be moving back over to those parts in less than a year. We will be driving our car and a uhaul across country to Idaho from Delaware with two cats, a dog, and a newborn baby. More on that soon.

 Here is how our conversations went-

Steve said "hey Grandma" as soon as his Mom, Lauraine, answered the phone.
Lauraine said "huh?, what do you mean? Grandma to the cats?"
"nope" said Steve
"Is Crystal Pregnant?" she asked
"Yep" He said
Lots of screams, crying, Oh my Gosh(s), and congrats after that. This will be her first Grand-baby.

I was worried to tell anyone just in case something happened to the baby since it is so early but I knew I would tell my Mom that moment if something did happen so why not tell her now and let her be excited with me?! I called my Mom on Father's day.
I did the same thing as Steve and said "hey Grandma" as soon as she answered.
She didn't notice (mainly since she is already a Grandma to both my brother's kids. Being called Grandma is normal)
She went on to tell me all the new happenings in her life and, by coincidence, she said she would tell Steve Happy Fathers Day but he isn't a dad yet. I think she was hinting at something. So to her surprise, I told her I was calling her Grandma for a reason.
I could hear her gasp and she repeatedly told me to not mess with her. I told her I wasn't kidding and she started saying "oh my gosh" over and over again, told her dad (my grandpa) that was sitting next to her what she just learned, started saying how happy and excited she was and then went on to say she needed to go so she could call my brothers and all my other family. Haha. Everyone is so excited for us. My Mom said she was more excited for her then for me, Haha. She is one happy Grandma.

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