Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Six weeks with Bunker

Its been about six weeks since we adopted Bunker from the shelter. He has been such a blessing but also a terrorist to the efforts of a clean home. He jumps on to anything and everything, he gets in to everything, eats everything, chews on anything that fits in his little lion mouth, but is the sweetest cuddle bug. He is growing like a weed and I can already feel that he is much heavier when I pick him up. His overly large tail and paws are signs he is going to be a huge cat. He is already as big as Tubbles at only five months old. They say he wont stop growing until he is one. We are in for a big cat, I'm eager to see how big he does get. 

His favorite place to nap; in the warm pile of clothes after his Momma does laundry.

Watching the printer as I print off coupons. So interesting, right?

Kisses for Daddy to welcome him home after work.

Being a naughty boy. Look how big he is now.

Cuddle bugs with Daddy.

Baby paws.

Remember how I told you that I had to move the Christmas cards so Bunker wouldn't knock them down? Well now He is big enough to jump up and knock them down from the floor, and he can now jump from the table to the top of the fridge to have easier access to the cards that way as well. I just can't win.
I also have a video on our YouTube of him playing with water. So cute. Check it out.

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