Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our home

We are getting settled in our apartment here in Delaware. Our HHG arrived a few days ago so we have been trying to get unpacked. We were using an air mattress to sleep on that Tubbles keeps popping. Its her bed too and its not her fault her claws are so sharp. I love our new home and very happy to have all our stuff back, especially our big bed. I can't wait to get the car from Germany to go explore the area. We also got our Comcast wireless Internet set up today. The lady had to keep going back to the station because the routers were not working. It was a big mess but she finally got it to work and we now have fast fast internet and love it. We got so sick of the slow German internet and then the Sprint hotspot internet we were using when we first got our Iphones. Finally, good ol' fast American internet.

Here are a few photos of our new home when we first moved in. Now its full of boxes to be unpacked.

Where we put our keys

panoramic of the living room

Dining room

Kitchen.. so much smaller then our one on Germany

Produce baskets that we installed
More of the kitchen
The bathroom


Love our huge bedroom

Finally get to have my walk in closet

view from our balcony

Tubbles loves her new balcony

One of the playgrounds

The pool.

Its been about a week since I started trying to lose some weight. Trying to make some healthier choices. I never realized how much I hate running. I have chin splints and today is my first day off. I need to let them heal before I can continue. Chin splints is little cracks/splints in my chins from the impact of running. My whole body hurts. I want this weight to come off so bad that I am pushing myself a little too hard, I think. I eat 1200 calories (or less) a day. Sensa (an appetite suppressant) sure makes my appetite non existent so that helps a lot. I have tried stimulants but I had internal bleeding from it so that scared me enough to never want to try those again.
   I have lost six pounds since I started my weight loss journey which was about a week and a half ago. I also lost a full inch off my waist. I keep expecting these instant results and its driving me crazy when I still feel fat on my stomach after a workout. But I do realize this will not happen overnight.
  I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of my calories and exercise. I use it religiously. If you are also on MyFitnessPal, go ahead and add me and we can follow each other in this journey. My username is CrystalCox516.
**MyFitnessPal is a website and also an app on smart phones. I love the depth the website has but having it on my phone is so convenient for quick adding of calories when you are on the go but want to keep track. I recommend it 100%.

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  1. I love the produce baskets! What a great idea!