Thursday, October 6, 2011

Full spectrum exercise

A Full spectrum exercise is a field training where they train as if they are deployed. They simulate fire fights (gun battles with the enemy), plan operations, and what not. This one that Steve is on right now involves a month long training period with the Polish Army. They also had this great idea to jump in to the training area with the Polish Army.
  As of right now, 35 soldiers are injured from the jump. The most severe are..
5 suffered head injuries
5 suffered spinal injuries
4 fractures their pelvis

What gets me is that they (the Army) expected this many injuries. Where is my husband in all this? On his way to jump, the plane he was in started to malfunction and they had to make a landing at Ramstein Air Force base. The back end of the plane was coming off. So they took a bus to Graff and waiting for another plane so they can fly in so they can jump in to the training area. I am so worried. This whole operation is a joke. They shouldn't of let them jump when it was considered dangerous.

UPDATE- I got an email from one of Steve's friends, Roman, saying that the Army is now realizing just how dangerous the landing zone is (even though they are the ones that considered it dangerous in the first place) so no more soldiers will be jumping in.. that means Steve will be taking a Humvee to the training area. Thank the Lord! There is a lot of people seriously hurt and some in ICU. Praying for their quick recovery.

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